Comforttex 338 fabric

Hunt Comfort’s Outdoor Seating Fabric Fabrics Invented for All Day Hunting

ComfortTEX is a Hunt Comfort fabric design innovation that is the result of our determination to always build with the best materials for the job. We wanted an outdoor seating fabric capable of enduring seasons of hunting duty while improving the enjoyment of every hunt. What we discovered through evaluation and testing was that commonly found outdoor textiles were either incapable of the duty or they compromised one function over another. Durable but noisy is a great example of what might ruin a hunt. Our quest nally lead us to build ComfortTEX, a technical fabric solution that is peerless. The Hunt Comfort brand tag is only sewn into excellence.

One of the key requirements for keeping a seated hunter comfortable is to reduce shear forces on the skin. We know from experience that once the skin becomes irritated that staying still becomes increasingly difficult. ComfortTEX fabrics stretch on the cushion surface and allow seated pressure to give into the cushion mechanics. This reduces harmful shear forces on the skin which causes annoying irritation – skin irritation is a powerful motivator for moving around. Well being and comfort is the deciding value.

The ComfortTEX journey brought about significant improvement and innovations. We improved the fabric durability and we improved oil and water repellency on the finish. Our fabric strength delivers years of dependable service beyond normal, inferior cushions. We even transfer print our licensed camo patterns for consistent quality.

We added UV inhibitors and improved our lightfast standard to prevent washout and fading of colors. We also added solution dyed natural colors to offer new choices at improved prices. Best of all, we found ways to improve your hunting experience season after season.

Hunt Comfort - ComfortTEX Waterproof
Hunt Comfort - ComfortTEX Durable
Hunt Comfort - ComfortTEX Quiet
Hunt Comfort - ComfortTEX Stretch

Hunt Comfort Gel Seats

Hunt Comfort’s GelCore formula is for the hunter who wants the
very best seat for all day comfort. formula is for the hunter who wants the very best seat for all day comfort. We created the state of the art solution by embedding gel pads in specialized polyurethane foam. The result is a remarkable level of comfort in a super portable seat. GelCore de es discomfort and helps relieve the fatigue of sitting still while hunting.

The picture below shows a map of seated pressure. Gel core works on a simple principle that seated pressure concentrates itself in two areas. That is where we feel pain. By locating gel inserts areas of concentrated pressure we are able to distribute and reduce the pressure. THE RESULTS ARE AMAZING.

Season after season, Hunt Comfort free hunters from the annoying distractions of discomfort. We make keeping still and quiet easy, and that leads to hunting success.

Hunt Comfort Seated Pressure Map

Hunt Comfort Gelcore Technology
Hunt Comfort GripTek
GripTec is a non slip, abrasion resistant, waterproof and high strength fabric. Used in HC products to withstand high wear demands on fabric.