We love to hear encouraging words from hunters.  We are always excited to know that we are building products that help people hunt longer and more comfortably.  More testimonials can be found in our product details.


“Thanks to the Hunt Comfort Cushion, my days of discomfort in the woods are over. The cushion really made a difference in my ability to sit still longer. When I used it during the Country Goes Huntin’ turkey hunt, I didn’t get my usual leg cramps, and I ended up taking the biggest turkey of the hunt!”

Country music artist Rhett Akins

“My butt thanks the people at Hunt Comfort. I forgot to take the cushion with me on the first day of a turkey hunt in New Mexico. I experienced quite a bit of pain and discomfort that day. After taking it with me the second day, I made sure not to leave it behind again. I was so comfortable on the cushion that I didn’t have to move at all. The cushion also made picking a set-up spot much easier. Without the Folding Classic, I had to pass up several well-concealed spots because of rocks and roots, but with the Folding Classic Cushion, I could sit where I wanted and not be bothered by the rocks and roots under the seat.”

Kim Hiss, associate editor for Field & Stream

“As the result of a car wreck two years ago, I suffer from chronic back pain, which makes it very hard for me to sit still for an extended period of time. But, thanks to the Folding Classic Cushion, I found myself sitting still and comfortably throughout both the morning and afternoon turkey hunts. I didn’t have to constantly shift my weight and change positions like I did when I’ve used other cushions. The Hunt Comfort Cushion is truly in a class of its own.”

Karen Lee, editor of Women in the Outdoors and Wheelin’ Sportsmen

“The Hunt Comfort Folding Classic Cushion greatly improved the enjoyment of my first turkey hunting experience. I could tell a huge difference between the thin pad attached to my turkey vest and the plush, gel-filled Hunt Comfort Cushion. I was able to sit still and comfortably without moving for many hours at a time. Thanks to the dual cushions, I was also able to lean back against a tree and take a nap during a lull in the hunt.”

Sarah Irick, art director for Outdoor Life

“Hey David, thanks to you and your great seat I was able to sit and wait out the big one last night..”  Dale, Baltimore, MD


“As a matter of fact I tried it out this weekend hunting turkeys and it worked great, I sat on the ground with it and I didn’t get sore at all and I sat for 5 hours straight.  Thanks for everything you did and for standing by your product with so much conviction, it’s a rare thing to find this day and age.” Michael, Danville, GA