Here are some good questions fielded at trade shows, dealers and customer telephone calls:

Is the cushion waterproof?

No, we make water repellent cushions and we do not claim waterproof.  Our fabrics are specially treated DWR fabrics with coatings.  We have made waterproof cushions for testing and we may produce a waterproof cushion in the future.

Is the foam closed-cell or open-cell?

We use special formula polyurethane foams and currently all of the foams used are open-cell type foams.  Our Ultimate series cushions have a viscoelastic “memory foam” pillow top.

Can you make it lighter?

We are constantly at work on this and  completely understand this concern.  We just don’t want to make a lighter cushion that doesn’t work.  We look at the comfort results first.  Our tried and true design has 9 years of field proof.  We know that heavy cushions aren’t practical to tote around all day.  Our newest technology allows us to slightly decrease the cushion weight.  We will not compromise on our specifications.