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corephotoA picture tells a thousand words, and when you check out the chart links in the right hand column of this page, you’ll see what a 185-pound man feels when sitting on an off-the-shelf foam cushion.  The red and yellow regions are areas of pressure.  In a nutshell, the red and yellow areas represent pain experienced with a cheap cushion.  Note that these areas are eliminated by our product.  The two graphic areas in the buttock charts are the sitting two “buns” of our test subject.  What the Hunt Comfort  cushion is accomplishing is distributing downward and backward pressure.  This simple solution keeps circulation flowing and cuts the hurting out of the hunting.

Our Polymer Gel is ultra soft, and as you stay seated, you will quickly realize that you are not just sitting on foam.  Some people describe the feeling as if they were floating.  Our gel is relieving the pressure of sitting, thus eliminating the usual dead feeling of the bottomed-out cushion.

Our insert technology uses a combination of foam and gel in a comfort laminates.  This “technology sandwich” gives hunters an advantage of being able to stay still longer without feeling pain.  Our inserts contain at least one pound of gel and up to seven pounds of gel in our largest format cushion.