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Where to find “The Best Seat in the Woods”®

Our U.S. Dealer Map has been updated.  Please call Hunt Comfort 888.757.3232 for information on dealer details.

US Dealer Location Map

Who Benefits?

Before you buy another hunting cushion ask yourself this question: “What good will this do me?”. Nothing else matters. We do not accept anything but satisfied customers or your money back. Don’t get stuck with a deal that is not to your advantage. Our quality works for you. Check out the 3D pressure map comparsion below and see for yourself.


Sit Back and Enjoy

Why do Hunt Comfort cushions deserve to be called “The Best Seat in the Woods”™? Just give them a try and find out for yourself. Unlike typical foam hunting cushions, Hunt Comfort cushions are designed to distribute seating pressure, which cuts off circulation and causes numbness. We produce measurable comfort every day. Hunt Comfort has a variety of cushion styles including one specifically designed for wheelchair-bound hunters, so no matter your physical requirements or seating preference, we are working on a cushion for you.

Reward Posted

Hunt Comfort receives some great ideas from its customers that we build into our products. Someone suggested we post a reward for great ideas from customers. We will highlight these ideas on our blog found at Rewards include free products, and gifts. Send us your ideas by e-mail, letter or fax toll free 888.470.0523